Still In My Summer Mood

Photos by Athena

I was born in August so I guess summer represents me. My personality is like summer, passionate, hot, energetic and all my friends know that I would rather be sweaty but not wearing too heavy coat. LOL. This year the blue and red combination is super trendy. I have to admit I am attracted to it very much. I got lots of pieces with the design.

I like the simple design of the sporty dress from Brandy Melville. The red belt design gives you a taller effect. Besides the navy and red, the white outline is like the highlight to bring the whole look a fresh style.


For the accessories, I styled one of my favorite bags this year the Gucci Dionysus Blooms shoulder bag. It's fresh, light and very specious. I also like my weave shopping bag I got in Poketo, a very cute shop in Arts District DTLA. I usually put all my extra stuff like cameras and jackets inside. It's stylish to carry everywhere. Even Vetements designed a similar bag for the fall season this year which costs $29,000ish I mean...Mine was only $30 something.


For the shoes,I am so obsessed with this pair of mint sneakers from Acne Studios. It's super comfortable to walk and stylish. The leather texture just enhances the whole quality to a next level.


For the jewelry, I always envy girls who have ear holes but your girl me, even have tattoo but no ear holes just because I am scared of pain LOL. I know like what? Anyways I found this pair of bee earrings in clippers so I can still wear them. The design is super "KiraKira" and cute.


I took all the photos in Seattle. My blogger friend Athena (follow her btw) took me to a very cute brunch place Sweetgrass and we literally spent 2 hours there for the two salad bowls! 1.5 hour in shooting and only 30 mins for eating. Sign yeah that's called #bloggerslife .

Here's the vlog video if you want to know what else I did in Seattle, then click to watch now! Please give me a big thumbs up if you like my video. Also subscribe me if you haven't! Girl I need you! :) Enjoy!

Thanks for reading and watching! See you next one! Love you!

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