Fashion Tech Runway: Julianna Bass S/S18-Explore The Color Changing Cocktail Dresses

The color changing cocktail dress designed by Julianna Bass

The world is speeding up: In the age of instant gratification, Instagram and 5G internet, the fashion industry is no exception to this never-ending global appetite. New, fresh fashion is expected every second in every time zone-with photo evidence (or it didn't happen). But the line between overwhelm and ardor is where designer Julianna Bass functions best, bringing the pandemic juxtaposition of anticipation and ambition to the S/S 18 collection.

The color changing cocktail dress designed by Julianna Bass

Continuing the artist collaboration consistent with each season, Bass selected as MUSE the imposing, mellifluous figures of Berlin artist Stefan Hirsig's work-aptly titled "DESASTRES VI" -their faces a mix of anguish, apathy, and smirking reticence, transposed to flippant pops of color in a deluge of chiffon and silk twill. Bass eschews the vulnerable with the deliberate; fluid sheers and bold piping, layers of flocked tulle and chain-mall knits, foil lambskin in sharp silver and rose gold. Decadent, whimsical embroidery accents in obtuse florals and outstretched hands. At once soft and unwavering, structured pleats are suddenly versatile, changing color at the wearer's whim thanks to consumer responsive thermochromic ink, developed in partnership with Loomia. Lilac, ivory, and orchid play with matte and metallic shades of silver and gold for a palette that is at once wistful and manifest.

The S/S 18 line is optimistic without being dismissive, dedicated to the qualities of antiquity yet unafraid to leave behind anything that no longer serves. Julianna Bass has created a line that is both facile and functional, designed to meet the fashion needs of the devoted women making the future-and making it look good.

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