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I know that teeth whitening is always a problem for girls. As a coffee lover, I drink two cups of coffee almost everyday. One cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon! I am also a wine lover! Then I found a fact that anything that will stain your tees will stain your teeth too! Well that's why my teeth were always off-white. I always take photos without showing my teeth.

This video was taken in 2015 and you can see my teeth was pretty off-white. Even tho I was wearing red lipstick as well but comparing with the photo I took now it's very obvious.

This video too

I have tried some ways such as teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening powder (worked but only last less than a week) and I even went to the dental office to get professional treatment. (worked but cost me freaking $700, excuse my language!) I never found a good way before.

About 2 months ago a company called Smile Brilliant reached out to me and they asked me to try their teeth whitening kit just AT HOME. I was confused because I didn't know you can just do all the work at home. So I decided to try.

About Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system:

Custom fitted teeth whitening trays are the #1 product recommended by dentist. Before Smile Brilliant’s lab direct process existed, custom fitted trays were only available at the dental office and for the price of $300 - $1,000 (varied per dentist). Smile Brilliant uses a 22% Carbamide Peroxide formula. They use a dental grade gel. But for those with greater sensitivity it’s recommended they prep their teeth with the desensitizing gel nightly for 3 consecutive nights before beginning their first whitening application.

It's very easy to use and it takes about 1 month to see the final result.

Here's a tutorial...

The Kit

Make Impression

Wait for 5-7 business days to get your customized tray

Receive your tray

Start your teeth whitening!



It is very easy to use but you have to really do it every night! Consistency is very important for you to get ideal result. At the beginning I used every night but sometimes you have those "crazy weekends night", you know? When you feel tired you just want to sleep that kinda nights. I didn't do the whitening for maybe like 3 days, and then I started again, then just keep forgetting it, so I didn't get a good result at my first try. I realized the problem after talking to the specialist from Smile Brilliant. I kept doing the system non-stop for about 3 weeks. Of course I got a great result in the end! I have my beautiful white teeth!

Here's a video to show you more about the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system. If you like the video please offer your thumbsup and subscribe me to watch more videos.


Click this link and input your name & email to win a kit now!!!

Thanks for reading! See you next one!

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