The VR Athlete

Photographer: Joanne Garcia

Producer/Stylist: Yarina Yao

Model: Yarina Yao

This editorial was inspired by VR(Virtual Reality) and my gym workout.

I got a pair of VR headset from Destek. I started to play around with it. I can wear the headset and insert the smartphone inside then watch 3D movies, Youtube videos, 360-degree view videos, and play 3D games.

One day I was running in the gym and suddenly I had this idea! Running in the gym on a running machine is such boring experience! No joke I HATE IT, but I have to do it because it works well for me for keeping me a nice slim body shape. Since VR has already been invented, why not creating a Virtual Reality running machine instead of the regular ones? Imagine every time you run on this VR (or AR is probably even better) running machine, you can choose different themes running experience, for example, you can select " The Walking Dead," then you could experience that all those zombies are chasing you. It might probably help people run more and faster!

Gyms in the world have been using the regular boring running machine FOREVER! It is the time for improving our work out lives! I hope the world's product designers, engineers, genius, can see this post and invent something new!!! :D

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