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Fashion and Tech Collide in this VR-friendly Connected Shirt (engadget)

Get ready to sync your clothes with your Gear VR.

Ross Wang/Engadget Chinese

Virtual reality is inescapable here at Computex: You're either stumbling into another Vive demo area or bumping into the occasional VR backpack. What's often missing is a sense of true immersion, and a startup called Machina is trying to fix that. Co-founder Antonio Perdigon was nice enough to let me don one of his unreleased "OBE" connected shirts here at the show, and after a little playtime, I think the team might be on to something.

That's not actually a huge surprise: Machina is no stranger to the connected-clothing scene. Perdigon and co-founder Linda Franco have been at it since 2011, and they're perhaps best known for their MIDI jacket, a wearable electronic instrument that doubles as a stylish way to stay dry. While the company's early work tried to enshrine creativity in cloth and wire, its subsequent OBE (Out of Body Experience) line was meant to bring a person more fully into the depths of VR.

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