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A Luxe Summer Beach Day

Summer is always perfect for the beach. The sunshine, the golden sand, the breeze and many hot bikini bodies. 🔥🔥🔥 What a beautiful image! Here are some essentials I brought to the beach day in 2017.

A big straw hat (Marcus Adler) is a must. Not necessarily because of the sun, but I need it for that chic style. Imagining myself as Audrey Hepburn from the 1961 Film Breakfast At Tiffany's, showing half of face and half of the eyes, so miserable! :P Just a hat is not enough for me obviously. I styled a silk scarf (Versace) and winded it around the hat to give that luxury vibe. To match with the vibe, I picked one of my favorite pair of sunglasses from AHLEM eyewear. Its vintage shape of the design is super chic. A pair of vintage earrings (What Goes Around Comes Around) just have to be those perfect ones. To create that vacation and natural style, I wore the watch (Jord Watch) is made of wood that adds some organic elements. Of course, you can never forget to wear perfume to anywhere. Designer Coco Chanel said once "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." It's still one of my favorite quotes. Because it was a beach day, so I picked the perfume from Hermes. The brand is famous for the classic and low-key hint of feminine scent. The last one as a woman, you need to bring a lipstick. I want to continue the natural style, so I brought a smooth cream lipstick (Laura Mercier) to the beach just because I like the nude color and the cream formula.

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