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In Dallas With One of Fashion’s Most Innovative Designers (NYTIMES)

Iris van Herpen in Dallas, at the Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge, the signature landmark of the city’s Trinity River Corridor Project. Credit Allison V. Smith

Iris van Herpen, who weaves cutting-edge technology with couture craftsmanship, brought T to Texas.

“I think a lot of people, when they look at my work, they see the future, but what I find interesting is that it is actually all present,” said the 32-year-old Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen, who is known for her innovative designs that interweave cutting-edge technology with couture craftsmanship. “I cannot make something that isn’t there yet. Everything that I do is here and now.”

Van Herpen may be designing for the immediate present — albeit a visionary one that most of us have not yet reached — but her first ever trip to Dallas, Tex., had her traveling back into her past for the most recent opening of her exhibition “Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion” at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). Wearing a jumpsuit from her Magnetic Motion collection and well-worn platform boots (“I think they’re Louis Vuitton something”), van Herpen made last minute tweaks to the looks on display, reattaching interlocking 3D printed pieces, fluffing metal gauze and adjusting the spines of children’s umbrellas reborn as wire neck pieces. “Seeing it all together, it’s almost like walking through your own diary,” she said.

Read the full interview on The New York Times.

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