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Unlike the fashion related reality shows, such as Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model and Fashion Star, or the short fashion runway reporting videos from fashion medias such as Vogue Runway, the talent agency WME/IMG recently launched a fashion digital network called M2M(Made to Measure) including TV, website and app, It is a totally fresh version to see fashion through video form. In addition to original films and digital series, viewers will have access to one-on-one interviews with fashion insiders, footage of designer runway shows and live reports from fashion weeks around the world.

​​WME/IMG, is a global leader in sports, events, media, fashion and talent management company, operating in more than 25 countries and headquartered in New York City. The company represents and manages some of the world’s greatest sports figures and fashion icons; stages thousands of live events and branded entertainment experiences annually; and is the world’s largest independent producer and distributor of sports media. In 2014, IMG was acquired by WME, the world’s leading entertainment agency, to form WME | IMG. Fashion events including New York Fashion Week, Australian Fashion week and Berlin Fashion Week are hold by IMG. Supermodel including Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Miranda kerr, Gisele bundchen and Kate Moss are represented by IMG. For WME/IMG, M2M represents the latest foray into content production. 'It’s a natural extension of our business,” the chief content officer of WME/IMG Mark Shapiro said.

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As a Smartphone lover, I am definitely interested in new apps in the market, especially fashion apps from medias and retail brands. Today I am going to share my review of M2M’s app.

Review-Design ​Generally, the look of the design is clean and easy to read. Somehow it gives you a feeling of visiting exhibitions at the museum, but in a digital version. All black as the background and all white in words made a good contrast while you reading. The bold font leads you straight to the titles. The layout of the home page which is also named Explore is contemporary and modern. There is a full-screen HD photo on the top of the page and follows with 2 columns of different content from different sections. It’s easy to click and read as you want. The rest of the sections including Films, Series, Designers, and Runway have the same layout pages. Similar to the home page, they all have one full-screen page on the top, but follow with 3 columns of content.

Home page of M2M, provided by M2M

Home page of M2M, provided by M2M

Review-Content M2M has 4 main sections of content: Film, Series, Designers, and Runway. A new fashion film “Battle at Versailles” just came out on M2M this month. I am surprised and glad that M2M produced the film to show the fashion industry the significance of the event. All the films are originally produced by M2M and contain lots of culture and information. Series, my favorite section, represents stories with different catalogs, including Tea at the Beatrice, Iconic, Visionaries, Off Book, In and Out of Fashion with Laura Brown, The Day Before, Signe Chanel and Fashion Pack. Each series focuses on its own perspective and target audiences. Multiple choices made the section vivid. Designers and Runway are focusing on the four primary fashion weeks, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. The entire runway videos are offered, as well as some footages of the interviews of designers. The quality of HD videos almost lets you feel that sit in the front row.

In General, this app opens a new door for me to surf in the fashion world compared with before. Reading the subscribed fashion publications on my Smartphone has always been a good way to know fashion, but I have to admit, videos are better. While I am exploring fashion through watching videos, I tend to memorize things quicker. The quality of the picturing is quite high, as well as the logistic and artistic video editing. I don't get bored while using the app. Not being boring should always be the goal of app development. M2M: https://m2m.tv/

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