5 Cool Smart Rings Simplify Your Life

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Since launching its Apple Watch in 2015, Apple has created the most buzz in the wearable tech space, and started a “smart” trend in the fashion world. The hashtag #applewatch on the social media platform Instagram has around 647,000 posts, and #smartwatch has about 154,000 posts. The smartwatch is a watch that not only runs like a traditional one, but is also able to track activity levels, make and receive phone calls, send texts, post on social media or play game. Yes, it does sound like a smartphone, just in a mini size.

Smart jewelry is a popular trend the technology and fashion experts love to research and develop after the launching of Apple Watch. There has been notable impressive growth in the smart jewelry industry this year. From bangles to bracelets, there are lots of projects going on. Speaking at the D11 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said wearable technology is not limited to just the wrist. There’s a whole lot more. Now something even smaller than the smartwatch has invented. It’s the cool tiny controller: The Smart Ring.

One of the first smart ring was created by 16 Lab, a start up in Japan, in 2014. The smart ring has lots of features. Some can interface with many devices as a mouse, work as a remote control for VR headsets, serve as an electronic wallet, act like a digital key, and protect you with an alert. The company opened the potential market of smart rings. In 2016 alone, more than 10 new smart rings have been launched and it’s clear that more are on the way. There are five of our top picks. ​

1. NFC Ring 2016

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The NFC smart ring can be used to unlock doors and smartphones, transfer information and link people. It has two special NFC tag inlays inside the ring, one for public information and one for more sensitive stuff. The public information tag can be used to share and transfer information, including Wifi information, links to websites, links to pictures, contact information or whatever you think is suitable to be shared with your friends from the ring to the smartphone and tablet. The most convenient improvement of this ring in wearable tech is it’s not only waterproof, but also no need charging. Yes, you don’t need to worry about if the ring drops into the toilet and the situation of out of battery. ​ $54.99, nfcring.com ​

2. Kerv

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There are definitely times you feel uncomfortable and annoying to carry all your wallet with credit cards, cash, and coins when you go out for jogging, hiking, cycling, clubbing or music festivals. Those things are just bothering so much when you don’t have enough pockets. Kerv smart ring now solved the problem. the world’s first contactless payments ring allows you to make payments anywhere in the world that displays the contactless payment symbol – no card, PIN, signature, bank account or smartphone required. ​ £35, kickstarter.com ​

3. Ringly

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Ringly is regarded as the leader in the wearable technology arena. The reason is because the smart ring from the brand does look like a piece of fashion jewelry, not a digital device. The Ringly ring kept the design simple, with no screen on it, but only a tiny notification subtle light on the side of thecolor stone ring. Through connecting Bluetoothwith your smartphone, you will get customized notification from the light if emails, calls, texts, social, or other apps updates. ​ $145-$195, ringly.com ​

4. Vinaya

Photo provided by Altruis, courtesy of Couturelab

Vinaya created a line of beautiful wearable technology that promotes digital balance by helping people prioritize what matters in the daily life called ALTRUIS. Through connecting the Bluetooth with your smartphone, the ALTRUIS smart ring buzzes when your phone gets phone calls, texts, social, emails, and app updates only by customized setting. It can only show the most important things without being bothered by different news or any other notifications that you don’t care. The modern look of the smart ring is designed with stones in multiple colors, and is in an actual look that people will consider it as a piece of fashion jewelry. ​ £290, vinaya.com ​

5. Smarty Ring

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“Most mobile users look at their phones every 6 minutes or so? That’s 150 times a day!”reported by Indiegogo. Smarty Ring was born to save your time by having your updates on just the finger. The big advance is the ring basically packs everything from a smartwatch into a ring which means it allows phone calls, texts, social media, control music, and even trigger the camera. It has a digital screen shows notifications through the LED light logos. Now you can see the time just by lifting your finger, and it’s wireless charging. Doesn’t it sound like a Hi-Tech toy appeared from some SFi-Movie? ​ $275, indiegogo.com ​

How to define weather a smart ring is more trendy or practical is the thing only the customers can decide. User experience is always the number one important thing for the wearable tech industry to improve and development. Otherwise, the “smart” has no sense.

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