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Is the 2016 Met Gala Ticket Worth it?

Technology is one of the richest industries in the world. When it meets fashion at this year’s Met Gala, our expectation was really high. Apple, one of the top tech companies, sponsored the huge event. The price of the ticket went up to $30,000 each. Did people really get their sky-high money’s worth? But I am sorry to say that for event goers, the answer is no!

From the time that one of the co-hosts, Taylor Swift, showed up on the red carpet earlier than the other guests, wearing a Louis Vuitton halter-necked silver crocodile pattern dress with side cutouts, a pair of gladiator boots, and dark lipstick, I knew she already set the tone for the night, and it was not the right one. As we saw it, 70% of the guests after Taylor chose silver and the designs of different Robots, the rest of the guests just wore whatever garments that looked good on them but had nothing to do with technology. For example, the Kardashian family was obsessed with the Balmain silver armor dresses - from Kim to Kylie, and the Givenchy lace tied black gown Madonna wore to show her boobs and butt didn’t have anything to do with technology. Beyonce’s skin color latex Givenchy dress looked interesting and at least got a little bit of the right idea from the theme that showcased the late-model fabric made with technology. In general, the whole show just looked like a massive party from Marvel and the fashion version of the Avengers, not even with a superpower. Easy question: Will you buy a movie ticket to watch a superhero film when there’s no fight? For me, I won’t.

Let’s get back to the theme. What is technology? Courtesy of Merriam-Webster, It’s the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area, a capability given by the practical application of knowledge, a manner of accomplishing task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge, and the specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavor. So how can fashion get involved with technology? The latest popular trend in wearable technology is a good example of emerging high-tech and helps fashion to create something that is actually functional for our lives. For instance, the smart bangle can be categorized as fashion jewelry, but besides looking stylish, it can also track your daily workout data, remind you the meetings or buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Something like the smart bangle should have been showing at this year’s Met Gala to make the sky-high ticket cost worth it instead of watching a bulk of silver costumes that we already have seen hundreds of times. One of the best technology companies in the world Apple sponsoring the event, don’t you think people deserve to see something unique, at least one thing?

The First Monday in May is a documentary directed by Andrew Rossi examines the exhibit at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art that showcases Chinese-inspired Western fashions and last year’s Met Gala event. “The film carries us through the whole process, from Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton’s original conception of the exhibition through gala night itself, when Rihanna arrives in that spectacular canary-yellow gown by Chinese designer Guo Pei and later performs “Bitch Better Have My Money.” We follow Bolton’s consultations with Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour, her planning for the gala (with helpful advice from Baz Luhrmann), and the choice of the great Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai as the show’s artistic director. Even as we hear from designers like Galliano, Gaultier, and Lagerfeld, we see the seemingly thousands of small decisions that go into making a hit exhibition and a hugely profitable fundraiser like the Met Gala”, Vogue says. The ticket of 2015 Met Gala was $25,000. I would say the cost might be worth it due to the huge culture background research and preparation. But from my perspective, this year’s ticket didn’t even get worth half price.

Unfortunately, the Met Gala from last year’s Chinese inspired theme to this year’s technology fashion, fashion designers and design pieces didn’t get promoted well, and there has been nothing special progressed in the industry. If the event is not going to be ameliorated in the future, it might be just a nine-day wonder.


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