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Social Media is Running the Magazine

Online magazines or blogs are probably the most emerging format to deliver your voices in the fashion industry now. Comparing to printing magazine, more contents can be present online, especially the visual part. Multiple forms of story-telling including articles, photos, videos, and audios can all be published at the same time on one digital magazine. The authority fashion printing media including Vogue, Elle, The New York Times and Harpers Bazaar, all built their own online magazines to attract more readers. But when you think it is the trend now, the Clique Media Group, the Los Angeles-based publisher of Who What Wear, Byrdie and My Domaine, launched its latest property, Obsessee, in 2016, to lead you to another land. Obsessee is a one-page website doesn’t include any articles, images or endless scroll, but a row of 10 logos of social media. An official social media magazine just came out! ​

To know more about Obsessee and social media magazine please read more:

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