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Meet Yarina Yao

The woman behind "Tech loves style"

Tech Loves Style is a blog created by Yarina Yao (Yuan Yao) from California. It started from a school project (Techion Studio) and won The Best Digital Magazine Award by Academy of Art University and Weebly Fashion Journalism Scholarship Program in 2016.  As a winner, Yarina developed her school project to her professional career. TLS blog is a style blog only focuses on technology related fashion and beauty.


Yarina is obsessed with this new combination, and deeply believe technology is going to be the future of style. Although tech style is now on trend, the luxury fashion/beauty and tech world are still disconnected due to their enormous difference in backgrounds and cultures. Despite the gap in the tech and style industry, designers and brands are scrambling to incorporate tech into their products and service. This is the reason why their union is growing.


The primary goal of  Tech Loves Style is to lead the unordered development of the tech and luxury fashion/beauty into the right direction, as well as to present the ultimate fresh stories and resources to our best friends: You. I go to the hottest tech fashion/beauty events, talk to insiders and experts, analyze the market, and finally, share the best solutions with my readers. To efficiently help people in the industry, we produce strong editorial content from the point-of-view of our experts to build a professional business bridge. I also create multiple opportunities for advertisers and consumers. But the most important thing for our readers, you, is to have fun and learn new things!

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